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Think Different.
Be Different.

Lead Different.


We are 'Conversation Catalysts'

who support organizations, universities and sports teams seeking to think different, be different, and lead different. We create and facilitate professional development content, help organizations identify growth areas and work together to find solutions. Using our combined 25 years of experience, Lead Different's services reshape what it means for teams to believe in themselves and believe in their company’s goals.

Lead Different is based on the idea that when people are appropriately supported, everyone is capable to lead from any position. While we believe that leadership exists in many forms and there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to building or expanding successful companies, there are timeless insights and core competencies that create the environment an organization needs to thrive.

Whether going through a organizational transformation or team members are experiencing other forms of change, we meet leaders where they are and support them as they take their next steps in being able to to adapt, think outside of the box, leverage empathy and positively shape the world around them. 

We approach our work through 3 key lenses:

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Guiding & educating leaders on the importance of diversity, equity, & inclusion within organizations as well as a part of everyday life.


Helping clients see that team members can lead well from any position and from a variety of styles. We help you to identify & own your approach which is essential in supporting & inspiring others.

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Recognizing the importance of self-care, developing a wholistic view of health, & building empathy are some of the keys to long and satisfying careers. We believe prioritizing well-being creates a culture of support, understanding, & authenticity.


From Our Founders

For both of us, some of our most formative experiences throughout our lives were in direct connection to high level athletics and having to learn what it meant to be a truly supportive and cooperative teammate.

The vision behind Lead Different has always been to translate all the invaluable skills and life lessons that we learned on the court into board rooms, community organizations, educational institutions, and beyond! We've learned that independent of industry or sector, quality leadership development requires not just skill but passion, well-defined values, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We have a love for people and have enjoyed working with thousands of leaders and a variety of organizations over the years. As we coach you and  facilitate sessions with your teams, we look forward to championing a mindset among your teams where leaders have what they need to think different, be different, and lead different.

With gratitude,
julie + erica





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Through three phases, analysis, strategy, and implementation, we come alongside teams to help them to achieve their intended results. Contact us for more information on our consulting services


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We offer various original trainings that can be facilitated in small or large groups, whether virtual  or face-to-face. We can also work with you to create custom sessions that are available upon request. See full list here.


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Already have customized internal content you need facilitated? We have a diverse & seasoned team of Conversation Catalysts ready to dive deep into content & help you to bring your organization’s vision to life.


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Looking for a speaker for your corporate or private event? Our team can deliver keynote addresses on DEI topics, organizational & personal change, well being, team cohesion, & the value of openness and curiosity.


& many more



Want to explore how we can help you reach your goals?
We're here to help you think different, be different, & LEAD DIFFERENT!

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