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Based in Los Angeles, Lead Different is built on the belief that we are all capable of leading from any position and that leadership can come in many different forms or roles.

With the ever-evolving state of change of organizations we have witnessed the best leaders are the ones that can adapt, adjust and are willing to learn new ways to think outside of the box. We are coaches and conversation catalysts that will encourage you to think different, be different, and lead different.

Lead Different Consulting is Award-Winning

Lead Different Consulting received a Silver Brandon Hall Group Award for Excellence in the Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders category for the flagship WarnerMedia Management Essentials program: Equipping Leaders To Lead Themselves, Lead Teams, & Lead The Business. We were also named one of HRO Today’s 2021 Superstars for our partnership with WarnerMedia around the Management Essentials Program.

About The Founders

DR. Julie Shaw


Based in the LA area, Dr. Julie Shaw is a multipotentialite who is a former professional basketball player, an experienced academic as a professor for Gonzaga University.

She is a change agent whose passion lies in personal development, leadership development, and transition. Dr. Shaw comes from the world of athletics having been a collegiate women’s basketball coach for close to 15 years helping lead teams to multiple championships and the NCAA Sweet 16. She has also been a part of the NBA, hiring and overseeing 50 coaches for a training program with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Dr. Shaw also had the opportunity to serve as the Director of Education for Billie Jean King’s non-profit, The Women’s Sports Foundation.

Shaw has devoted her time and expertise to the field of diversity and inclusion starting with earning her doctorate in Leadership & Administration focusing on creating safe space climates on college campuses. She has also been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, women’s equity, and social justice. Using her ability and talent to connect with people, Dr. Shaw has facilitated and presented for organizations on topics of leadership, communication, team building and diversity and inclusion.

In addition, she has dedicated her time to becoming a certified grief educator to help others as the founder of Hello I’m Grieving a grief awareness community geared towards grief awareness, visibility and education.

Dr. Julie Shaw’s Credentials

FUN FACT: Tried out for American Idol

About The Founders

Erica Ferguson


Located in Los Angeles, Erica is a former collegiate All-American athlete that majored in business and philosophy. She went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

She has been a coach in various fields for the past 15 years including spending the first part of her professional career as a collegiate women’s basketball coach and collegiate men’s American football strength & conditioning coach where she specialized in supporting athletes both on and off the field through “Mental Conditioning” sessions that trained athletes how to process thoughts, emotions and actions across all areas of their lives. Erica went on to be recruited by the Secret Service but declined to pursue the opportunity to run and expand a successful chain of superfood health cafés and fitness facilities.

Since then Erica has worked as a Stress Management & Leadership Development Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Facilitator. She has delivered hundreds of sessions & has been a keynote speaker globally, across 10 different industries, ranging from small groups to crowds in the thousands. Erica works with clients to heighten self-awareness through recognition of skills gaps and identifying ways to close those gaps through personal & team development. Established through her own company she co-founded, Lead Different Consulting, Erica operates out of three lenses when speaking or training: to focus on each individual as a leader and their ability to lead self and others, to understand how inclusion plays a vital role in all our interactions with others and lastly, to promote and boost well-being of each team member.

Erica Ferguson’s Credentials

FUN FACT: Recruited by the Secret Service


Message From
Our Founders

Thanks for being here!
Welcome to Lead Different Consulting, a place where we embrace the athlete mindset of pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to be our best selves. As former athletes and college coaches, we know what it takes to dig deep, lean into discomfort, and come out on top. We bring that same mentality to our work with clients, helping them think different, be different, and lead different.
At Lead Different, we’re passionate about helping leaders like you invest in yourself, reach your full potential and believe you can do this from any position. We created this space for leaders who are ready to embrace their unique qualities, challenge themselves, and make a real impact. Our coaching, facilitated sessions, programs, and array of services are founded on our three lenses of inclusion, leadership, and well-being. We’ve learned that to be a great leader, you need to create an inclusive environment, inspire others to be their best selves, and take care of your own well-being. We also believe in the power of meaningful connections, so we invite you to join us in engaging in thoughtful conversations and truly connecting with each other.
We’re excited to have you here, and we invite you to learn more about us and what we have to offer. We love to work with people who want to become better people for themselves and others around them . We cant wait to met you and do this together!

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