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Our consulting services are contextual, data-driven, holistic, and designed to lead to lasting change. We begin with an organizational assessment, develop a dynamic strategy, and then work with our clients on implementation to achieve their desired results. We come alongside teams of all sizes to empower employees of all lived experiences to build company cultures that lead to flourishing for everyone.

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Whether clients are deepening their work around inclusion, well-being, or leadership, designing a winning-strategy requires an organizational diagnostic. Through surveys, focus groups, and 1x1 interviews, we work to identify what is working well, what isn’t, & help to identify a theory-of-change that your whole team can believe in.

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Instead of creating another checklist that merely treat symptoms, our approach to strategy tackles the root of workplace challenges. We draft clear goals, benchmarks, and systems of accountability that allow teams to design a plan that is pragmatic & inspirational.  


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Even with the best strategy in place, we know it can be helpful to clients to have a little extra encouragement as they launch and carry out their strategy. That means we remain a part of an organization’s support system as they identify resource gaps, growth edges, and opportunities to sharpen as plan unfolds.

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