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It is not uncommon for organizations to have a specific topic or theme they are aiming to focus on internally. Lead Different currently offers a variety of unique training sessions that are ready to go and fall under the categories of our three lenses: Well-Being, Inclusion & Leadership. These can be selected as individual sessions or as a series of sessions. We have the ability to modify these sessions for specific needs. We also create content to accommodate custom sessions and development training programs.


Work/Life Blend - 

Balance? Something has to give, and we all have something to learn when it comes to blending & integration in our  personal and work boundaries. This session covers hybrid working/remote working,  the imbalances we often face in  home/work life, and how to set personal rhythms that are body-respectful and lead to sustainability.

360 Well Being -

Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, & Mental Health. What does it mean for individuals and for a collective to care for themselves in comprehensive ways? This session explores the critical area of personal health and wellness and what it takes to cultivate vitality here and now.

Thriving Through Change -

Change is constant and in the last decade we each have witnessed significant cultural, social, industrial, and environmental shifts. This session helps to equip participants to welcome change, see it as an opportunity, and participate in various forms of transition with a sense of hope and possibility.

Say Hello to Grief -

An introduction to understanding the grieving journey. Participants will learn about various types of grief and how to acknowledge their own grief and/or support someone who may be grieving. This session explores the psychology of loss and how it impacts our personal and professional lives. By understanding more about grief we can better lead with empathy.


All About Bias - 

Understanding where bias shows up in our day-to-day interactions, our team dynamics, and the workplace more broadly. This session illuminates the different types of bias we all experience, brings our identity-based perspectives from the unconscious to our conscious, and brings to light views we may have that are not serving our organizations, others, or ourselves.

Belonging Catalyst -

The importance of belonging, psychological safety, and how to encourage social and emotional growth in the workplace. This session explores the reality and impact of micro-aggressions, how they foster exclusionary environments, and methods of acknowledgement that lead to repair and resolution.

Let's Talk About Race - 

How to start constructive conversation around race and ethnicity, reduce fears that drive aggression around these topics, and to understand the impact of  silence and avoidance of the matter. This session specifically seeks to support organizations as they begin to create company culture that engages for the long-haul in inclusion work.

Speak Out for Inclusion - 

This session explores allyship in the workplace and what it means to express solidarity across different identities and lived-experiences. This session helps teams to understand the why, when, when not, and how of speaking up for communities they are not a part of but wish to demonstrate affirmation and support.


The Courageous Leader - 

There is no one-size-fits-all leadership style. Yet there are some soft skills around empathy, being a role-model, accountability, understanding impact and thoughtful delegation that prove to be valuable. This session introduces some of these concepts and includes activities that help teams recognize the ways they are already excelling and where there are opportunities for improvement.

The Art of Creative Leadership -

Brainstorming, driving innovation, personal and team-wide creativity are essential for a forward-thinking organization. This session touches on how we relate to ideas, what it takes to sharpen them, and developing the courage to try new approaches to problem solving and long-held company practices.

Lifelong Learner - 

Understanding our limitations and possibilities is a key component of human flourishing. This session focuses on what we are realistically in control of in our lives and careers, how to cultivate a growth mindset, and what it takes to be proactive in on-going self-development.

Communication Compass - 

Feedback, communication styles, performance improvement, and approaches to perceived or real conflict. This session describes core communication competencies that tend to lead to better relationships, radical candor, & highly successful teams.

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